Way to English
2019/10/09 分享
  • Well, it's time for the Gus-light, where we shine a spotlight on local businesses. Joining us today is local entrepreneur Louis Huang. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us.

  • Well, thank you for, uh, having me. Uh, as you know, my restaurant is Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse, which is exit 4b, uh, off of I-4, uh, north. But if you're coming south, it's exit 4a off of I-4 south.

  • Great directions. And in addition to being a cattleman, Louis here is also a funnyman.

  • He did some amazing... celebrity impressions for us the other day.

  • Yes, he did.

  • I can't see nothin'. Cut my eyes, Mick. Cut them. I can't see.


  • Hey, Rocky Balboa is in the studio all of a sudden.

  • You got it!


  • Why why is that so funny?

  • Because Stallone talks funny!


  • You're killing it! You're very good!