Way to English
2019/10/06 分享
  • Talk to the boss's wife. It's okay. She doesn't hate you. It's all in your head. How's it going, Jessica?

  • Are you joking?

  • I... if it was funny. Was it funny?

  • Nothing is funny, Nancy. I bought an investment property which, it turns out, is riddled with termites. That's right. Termites are real. The house has already been tented, so now it's just sort of standing there losing money. Kind of like you.

  • You did it, Nancy. You made her see you.

  • And then she said, "squeeze them? Uh, I bought them!"

  • Boss, some customers want to meet you. They're celebrities from television. I would like to introduce you to Gus and Mey-Mey from "Good Morning Orlando".

  • Uh...