Way to English
2019/10/04 分享
  • Becca?

  • She's still in class.

  • Will you excuse us, ladies?

  • It's okay. Have you got a problem?

  • That depends, Upriser7?

  • So what are you, like, the Internet police?

  • Just an interested bystander who wants to protect his six-figure income. So, you and Zach talk a lot. He talks a lot about his parents, is that it?

  • Oh, no. Have I been a bad girl?

  • Dear Becca, because that would only make you want to do it again. You know what you've been? Gum on the bottom of my shoe. Spoiled little brat who will get pregnant at 17, have an abortion at 18 and meet some sweaty frat boy over spring break, and work as a dental hygienist until the day you die.

  • And you you're a perv. [SCREAM] You better get your story straight, perv.