Way to English
2019/09/28 分享
  • I do have a home.

  • Good. Maybe you should try using it.

  • Interesting case?

  • May I help you, Mr.Gold?

  • "Saint Alicia is not just sleeping with her boss, she is also using him to get promoted". Upriser7 a tweet. About two hours ago.

  • About me?

  • Yes. And Peter. But mostly you. At first, I thought it was intended to derail Peter's campaign, but then I realized, no it's about you. We're just collateral damage.

  • This is on the Internet?

  • And Ben Smith just linked to it as part of a remainder item, so it may get wider play.

  • Please excuse the melodrama, but do you think there's anybody here who's got it out for you?

  • Young guy, 12 o'clock? But would he know that you and Peter are in separate rooms?

  • That's in here?

  • Even mentions the name of the moving company that put the bed in.

  • "Saint Alicia" doesn't sound like him.

  • That's the thing about the Internet. Nobody sounds like they seem.