Way to English
2019/09/27 分享
  • This is how it works. Germs enter the political bloodstream via anonymous Twitter accounts. These are picked up by political blogs that... I'm going to drop that metaphor.

  • Why? No. See where it takes you.

  • There's an anonymous Twitter account out there, Upriser7. It's saying things about you and Alicia.

  • Well, isn't that to be expected?

  • Some of them are true.

  • Like what?

  • "Saint Alicia, as she's called behind her back, is despised "because of her close connection to boss, Will. Widely hated, she's given all best cases".

  • Are we saying that's true?

  • "Alicia and Peter sleep in separate rooms". He is in maids quarters. She's in the master. Not even a real marriage".

  • So, the danger is that it'll be picked by a political blog, and then move into the mainstream.

  • I mean, I can reduce the damage by flooding the zone with bogus tweets that say the opposite. Any search engine will be overwhelmed by both.

  • Wait a minute. Who knew that we are in separate rooms?

  • There's also stuff about Mrs.Florrick's work, her competition for a job, and her connection with her boss.

  • What did that one say?

  • You don't want to read it.

  • That she's sleeping with him.

  • All right. Let's find out who's sending these tweets.