Way to English
2019/09/25 分享
  • Officer Bryson?

  • He called the cops?

  • The Orlando Police Department takes every threat seriously. So we've created the city's first cyber-crime division, headed up by Peter. With Peter's help, we will track down Phillip's compu-teasers and bring them to justice. Rest assured, we will not stop.

  • They're just trying to scare us. They got nothing. They got nothing.

  • According to our research, the website was made on a gateway computer.

  • He bought it! He bought the computer!

  • No! It was her idea to do the website.

  • Wait. Are you saying you're the compu-teasers?

  • No. We're e-vigilantes.

  • He said Cattleman's Ranch was dull. You know me. You all know me. I am fun. I am fun, damn it!

  • Great work, Peter.