Way to English
2019/09/24 分享
  • Thank you for coming to this emergency parent meeting. Unfortunately, there's a new threat targeting our students in our libraries, on our desktops, in our homes. It's called Compu-teasing.

  • Uh-oh.

  • Compu-teasing. What's that?

  • It's like a crank call, but on a computer, and anyone can listen in. And sadly, one of our students has already fallen victim.

  • He's still into drama.

  • My name is Phillip Goldstein. I used to enjoy posting restaurant reviews on my Internet website. But ever since I found a page compu-teasing me, I've been too scared to use my computer. You're doing great, Phillip. I have my suspicions about who's behind the teasing, but without proof, I won't accuse anyone. They can insult me all they want, but I won't let them take my integrity.

  • That makes me love him even more. That makes me want to kill whoever's hurting him.