Way to English
2019/09/22 分享
  • I don't understand. How did Phillip update it? Taking his mouse doesn't make his website disappear. But he has no way to control the little hand.

  • There's only one thing to do. Evan, I'm extending your bedtime.

  • But why?!

  • I need you to make me a website. I can't believe phillip-goldstein-has-bad-opinions.com wasn't taken. Our luck is finally turning around.

  • I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this.

  • Why not? Phillip rates our restaurant. We rate Phillip. Personality "f". Wardrobe "f". Table manners "c". He used his salad fork properly. Grudging respect.

  • Mm. This is like teasing someone but on the computer.

  • It's like we're E-vigilantes, because we're dishing out justice and clearing our name.