Way to English
2019/09/21 分享
  • Hey, hey. Hello? Down here.

  • Phillip Goldstein, what are you doing here?

  • I have a reservation. It's under Phil As in "Phil's Phaves". And I would like to sit as far away from the bear as possible.

  • Phillip Goldstein, the Chinese-Jewish boy who abandoned our son at the Beastie Boys concert.

  • I sleep well at night, if that's your next question.

  • Of course you sleep well. You're a child! I thought Phil was an adult.

  • Probably because my writing style is straightforward and concise, like a man's.

  • Well, whatever our differences, it is a relief to find out it's you, just like you're finding out that this is our restaurant. So you can gahead and change your review.

  • Why would I do that?

  • Well, you know I actually don't understand Chinese, but I do understand good service. Do I have to seat myself?

  • More iced tea?

  • No, thank you.

  • Um, that crayon looks stubby. Here. Let me get you some fresh points.

  • No, those are fine!

  • Are you enjoying your "khikken" nuggets? We changed all the c's to k's. It's just a little fun thing we do.

  • Oh, I thought that was a typo.

  • This is ridiculous. He's just gonna give us a bad review anyway.

  • I would never let our personal history color my review.

  • Oh. Mm.

  • That said, I'm bumping you down to a c-plus.

  • A c-plus?! Did you see the sunglasses on the hens?

  • I didn't, because your staff was surrounding me at every moment refilling my mug, taking my crayons. It was a nightmare! Nuggets were good, though.