Way to English
2019/09/20 分享
  • Are you still on the computer? I want to work on my keyboarding.

  • We need to monitor how many people are seeing this stain on our reputation. Luckily, it's holding steady at 149.

  • You wouldn't be able to tell unless you hit the refresh button.

  • Refresh button? It went up to 154! Oh, what if one of my enemies saw it? Or Pete Sampras?

  • Have you checked your e-mail to see if they wrote back? Mail?

  • At this time of night?

[Computer voice: You've got mail.]

  • Well, of course it's a white guy.

  • Phil wrote back.

  • He says he'll give us another chance. He's coming back to the restaurant on Wednesday.

  • Okay, this is our shot at redemption. We need to make sure Cattleman's Ranch is funner than it's ever been Even if it means replacing every "c" with a backward "k".