Way to English
2019/09/19 分享
  • I don't understand. How could Cattleman's get a B-minus?

  • Well, dad, maybe if you applied yourself, your grades would be higher.

  • Boys, this is serious. Why don't the dancing babies like our restaurant?

  • According to the review, this Phil guy thought the food was okay, but the ambiance was a bit dull.

  • Dull? Dull? As in boring? Repetitive? Dull? That's impossible. I make sure Cattleman's is the funnest restaurant in town!

  • At least it's only on the Internet. It's not somewhere important like a newspaper or shopping bag. I mean, how many people could've seen it?

  • According to the counter, 149.

  • What?! Our reputation is at stake. Evan, write the Internet. Tell them to take that grade down!

  • It's not that easy, but there is a button to contact the webmaster.

  • Yes. Do that. Ask Phil to give us another chance.

  • Like the real Cattlemen of the old west, we need to defend our restaurant against enemy attack.

  • According to this, most Cattlemen were killed by poor sanitation.

  • No more computer for today!