Way to English
2019/09/16 分享
  • So, did you watch the tape of my show?

  • I did.

  • All right. Let's get me back up there.

  • No. You don't go up on the wall.

  • What? But you saw the show.

  • Yes. It was very offensive to my people.

  • Dry cleaners?

  • Russians. It showed them as terrorists and villains.

  • Okay, okay. Look, you got Harrison Ford up there!

  • That's right. Mr.Ford is a very good customer. He brings us a lot of clothes. You bring us nothing!

  • Okay, that may be true. But in Air Force One, okay, the Russians were terrorists and evil! And plus, he kills a bunch of them. That's offensive to Russians.

  • I've never seen it.

  • You should. It's great!