Way to English
2019/09/14 分享
  • This is feeling a bit like Groundhog Day. Are you gonna apologize again?

  • We've been played. We had the superior numbers, we had the votes. And Bond played us against each other. You thought I was plotting against you. I wasn't. That's why you're leaving.

  • We had this conversation already. We agreed I wasn't leaving.

  • Yes, but we were both lying.

  • I'm listening.

  • I don't like being played. So I suggest we do the same to Bond.

  • How?

  • In two months' time, he's bringing in a Super PAC as a client. A hundred million dollars. At that point, Bond intends to vote you out. Then he'll have the superior numbers and he'll isolate me. I say we convince him I'm still on board for that plan. And in the meantime...

  • We move against him. Okay. Let's not bicker anymore.