Way to English
2019/09/13 分享
  • I'm sorry.

  • Excuse me?

  • Don't make this harder.

  • No, I literally didn't hear what you said.

  • I'm sorry that I threatened to bar you from work. I'm sorry that I lost my cool.

  • So, what do we do?

  • I don't want you to leave. I wanna make things different so you don't leave.

  • You'll stop seeing other women? (他俩是很好的朋友,这是在开玩笑)

  • So, what do you want?

  • I want transparency. I want us to share our client lists.

  • Share as in?

  • Meetings, calls, everything.

  • Now, that would worry me if you were leaving because that would mean you'd have time to solicit my clients.

  • So it's a good thing I'm not leaving.