Way to English
2019/09/10 分享
  • Those ungrateful fuckers have to make me focus on this now?

  • They hope you are too distracted and sad to focus on it at all.

  • Oh. I can still focus. Talk.

  • So Ionosphere Fund they set up shop downtown. Carly's in charge?

  • Or Channing. Definitely not Hlasa.

  • How much?

  • Two-hundred million under management, 40 of it's theirs.

  • Where's it coming from? They stole this list. Some of these people are ours. Can we block that?

  • We absolutely could. All three of them signed non-competes. But they can fight it, claim that Axe Capital was no longer the place they signed on to, that their deals should be void.

  • They can't win, right?

  • Not likely. But with the current sentiment, who knows? And I don't think you want that kind of attention right now.

  • No, but we can't have the perception that the real talent at Axe Capital is flying under a new flag.

  • Where you going?

  • Breakfast.