Way to English
2019/09/09 分享
  • The hell?

  • "Fiduciary".

  • Why is there a chicken on the front lawn?

  • Oh. We took your advice about making our own food to save money, so we got some chickens, and it cut our breakfast budget to zero.

  • What are you... Zero?

  • No kidding. We had to pay for the chickens and the materials to build the coops and the food and the vet bills We got them microchipped So the savings should kick in in about two months.

  • Out! Get out! You two are hopeless! Pack your bags. I'm evicting you.

  • Oh, we're not leaving. Since you made us study for the bar, we remembered that we have these things called rights. Legally, you can't kick us out. If you did, we could have you arrested.

  • Sorry. No hard feelings.