Way to English
2019/09/05 分享
  • So why should I rent to you?

  • Because I'm a family man, and my kids come first.

  • I work for a nonprofit.

  • I served three tours in the Navy, and I'm now teaching

  • I'm Jordan. This is my wife, Raquel. We filled out your application and included our college transcripts and LSAT scores. Hope that's okay.

  • LSATs? So you're lawyers?

  • Well, we're not in law anymore. We're in medicine now. It's just much more lucrative.

  • I suppose it is. Um, okay. No pets? Nonsmokers? No weekend jazz bands? You seem perfect. A little too perfect.

  • Sweetie, she deserves to know.

  • I knew it. What is it?

  • We never want to have kids.