Way to English
2019/09/02 分享
  • Five years at ASU, then you dropped out? No degree? Pretty solid "C's" in all of your CS classes.

  • Right.

  • But really more incompletes than anything.

  • Yeah, a lot of those classes were at 11:00 a.m., so...

  • I'm sorry, but I don't think you're Stanford CS material, Mr.Bighetti.

  • Yeah, that's totally fair. Thanks so much.

  • Have a nice day.

  • Oh, hey, did you get this at a party on Alcatraz?

  • Yes.

  • Oh, cool. I got one there, too. Or, I mean, I guess, technically, I bought one there. I bought everything there.

  • Excuse me?

  • Oh, Bachmanity was my VC fund.

  • What?

  • It stands for Venture Capital.

  • I know. Wait. Nelson Bighetti. Were you on the cover of WIRED magazine?

  • Yeah, and actually inside, too.

  • Can I get you some coffee?