Way to English
2019/09/01 分享
  • Hey, man, you feeling better? We have something to tell you.

  • Oh, my God! You're pregnant!

  • No! Look, Joe, here's the thing. Monica and I have decided to live together, here. I'm gonna be moving out, man.

  • I'm really happy for you guys. Congratulations. See you later.

  • Are you okay?

  • I gotta go. I've got an acting job. Like you'd believe that. This sucks!

  • I'll be across the hall. And I promise you, the minute Monica and I break up, I'm moving right back in.

  • If you're gonna move in with him. I feel it is my responsibility to tell you the truth about him. He's a terrible roommate. Terrible. He forgets to...uh... He always, he always... Who am I kidding? He's the best roommate!