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2019/08/30 分享
  • You spent $19,000 on pizza?

  • No, $19,000 on vengeance.

  • You're acquiring Sliceline who already acquired Optimoji? Richard, you're talking about absorbing a staff of 50. How are you gonna spin this to Laurie?

  • Well, you said you'd protect me from Laurie. I mean, she's your partner. Are you afraid of her?

  • Of course I'm afraid of her. The woman got pregnant just to prove to me that she could do it without missing a day of work.

  • Okay, fair enough, but maybe this one time you could take my side.

  • I cannot take your side. You're asking for 50 employees.

  • Sorry I am late.

  • Hey, Laurie. Did you, uh...

  • Induce? Yes, this morning and here I am.

  • So, Richard, I received your email. I understand you wish to acquire a company called Sliceline, which themselves recently acquired a company called Optimoji.

  • Yes, and I will be firing both companies' CEOs and taking on a total engineering team of about, uh, 50.

  • Fifty? Monica, you are okay with this?

  • Well, it shortens their runway significantly, but you did say that you want them to grow, Laurie.

  • Yes, but in this case it seems reckless. However, if you are on top of it, Monica, then approved. Congratulations.

  • Great. Thanks. And congratulations to you too.