Way to English
2019/08/29 分享
  • Not the strongest case.

  • But she's signing a client. And if his parents live in highland park, payment won't be an issue.

  • I don't know. When the connections are personal, it can get tricky.

  • Blurring the line between friendship And business usually is.

  • Actually, I don't have a relationship with his parents anymore, which is why I would prefer someone else be the attorney of record.

  • I don't understand. If you're no longer friends, why do this at all?

  • Because my relationship with his parents has nothing to do with how I feel about their son. I used to baby-sit him. I'll do all the briefs, all the legwork. I would just feel more comfortable if someone else tried the case.

  • You sign your first client, but you want a second associate to be the face of the case.

  • Give herself a bridge. I get that.