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2019/08/25 分享
  • Busy man.

  • Yes, he is. Frank, I hear that you are heading up the special election in my home state. Peter Russo.

  • We're trying to keep that under the radar until he officially announces. In fact, we're not even working out of my office until that happens.

  • Where are you working from?

  • The basement of my house.

  • Any reason why the DNC didn't ask my advice on the candidate?

  • Well, I thought they passed it by you, or Linda did.

  • Nobody did.

  • Well, that is unacceptable.

  • And I have major doubts about Russo.

  • His inexperience?

  • Yes, and he's urban-based. I don't know if he'll connect with rural voters.

  • Look, frankly, that's one of my concerns as well. We're working on that. But if you were to come out and stump with him, that would go a long way to convince...

  • Frank, I can't stump for somebody I don't believe in.

  • It's early days yet. I'd ask you to keep an open mind. And let me know if you want me to set up a meeting between the two of you, because, sir, an endorsement from you would be a big coup for him. It's good to see you, Mr. Vice President.