Way to English
2019/08/22 分享
  • And, finally, I'm flying back to D.C. this weekend to spend the holiday with my family, but the restaurant will still be open, so I'm going to need you all to work.

  • You're making us work on Valentine's Day? I already have tickets to see Morrissey.

  • No, he's talking about Presidents' Day. Which is always the third Monday in February. I'm kind of a history "boof".

  • I'm talking about Chinese New Year. But you also have to work those other holidays, as well.

  • You guys have your own new year?

  • Yeah. We get together with family, have a big dinner. There's decorations, dragon dances, fireworks. I mean, you should see how crazy it gets in Chinatown. If you can breathe properly the next day, you weren't there.