Way to English
2019/08/15 分享
  • How's that eye?

  • It's okay. And don't worry I told Mom that I got it from looking too hard through my telescope. I think she was proud?

  • I, uh, shouldn't have told you to act like somebody you're not. You're your own person, you're not ashamed of it, and that's your strength.

  • Tell that to the boys at my school.

  • They're just too busy trying to figure out who they are to notice. You may feel like you're falling behind the curve right now, but trust me, you are way ahead of it.

  • Thanks, Dad. You know, maybe I just need to change my tactics.

  • Good.

  • And deliver my poem in a completely different way.

  • Oh.

  • I need to show Chad and those other boys that you don't need to fight all your battles with your fists. Sometimes you can use the power of rhymed verse.

  • Okay. Just be smart about it, all right?

  • Don't worry, Dad. That's who I am.