Way to English
2019/08/13 分享
  • Toast? That looks boring. How about pop-tarts instead?

  • You said you wouldn't buy those because preservatives make you go blind.

  • I lied. I have one every day after you go to school.

  • Is this a trap? Are you guys gonna wait for me to eat them and then get mad at me?

  • It's not a trap. You have to heat it up. However you want to eat it is fine. Be yourself.

  • What's going on? Are you guys getting a divorce?

  • Your mom and I were talking about what you said, and we're going to lighten up on the rules a little.

  • Can I stop wearing underwear?

  • Great question.

  • No. We are not poets. But your father and I talked about it, and the next time there is a sleepover you can go.

  • For real?

  • Yes. When the time comes, we can talk about...

  • I have an open invite at Dave's! I will go tonight.

  • No. I don't trust Dave. His own father doesn't want to sleep there. Why would you?

  • Jessica.

  • Fine. You can sleep over at Dave's. But I'm coming, too.

  • Jessica.

  • Fine. I will just stand outside and look in the window.

  • Jessica.

  • Louis.