Way to English
2019/08/12 分享
  • Lobster?

  • Yeah, to impress you. You impressed? So, Mafee tells me that you're not happy over at Richards.

  • Oh, Mafee. That boy's something else. I'd get fired just for having this meeting.

  • Yeah, well, if this meeting goes well, that's not gonna be a big concern for you.

  • Right. They're leaving a lot of money on the table at my firm. And I just have a philosophical problem with that.

  • Yeah, so what opportunities are they scared to pursue?

  • It's not a one-firm play. You need all five families going in to make it work.

  • I'm listening.

  • The Nigerian government is gonna devalue their currency.

  • You know that?

  • The Central Bank Governor told me. The Nigerian oil industry is weaker than numbers suggest. Much weaker. A strong gust of wind could blow it over. They have to devalue.

  • And when are they gonna do it?

  • That's the tricky part. Could be a month from now. And with the right pressure, could be tomorrow, if somebody takes a massive short position against it.

  • E-mail me your research, encrypt it, as soon as we finish lunch. If I like what I see, this won't be the last lobster we crush together.