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2019/08/10 分享
  • My Tesla finally came.

  • Was that a wise purchase? Considering Richard just obliterated Pied Piper's runway hiring all those coders?

  • I ordered it a month ago. But still, it's an investment.

  • As I understand, cars depreciate 10 percent as soon as they fall off the truck. Like that. So if the car costs $100, well you just lost $10. Did it cost $100? Or more?

  • It's not about the money. I, my friend, am now part of the green revolution.

  • Are you? Most electricity still comes from gas plants and coal-burning smoke stacks. Do you know where your electricity comes from?

  • No. Look how shiny it is. Plus, it has a frunk. A front trunk. Here, hop in, let me give you a ride to work.