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2019/08/06 分享
  • As you can see, they're clearly more prejudicial than probative, Your Honor.

  • Denied.

  • Excuse me?

  • Did the police take the photos?

  • Yes.

  • Is that your client in them?

  • Yes

  • Then they come in. The jury's smart enough to separate the prejudicial from the probative. What's next?

  • Defendant made a statement to the police on the night.

  • Your Honor, Mr. Simmons was highly intoxicated. People v. Kearns, intoxication renders a police statement inherently unreliable.

  • Kearns is an Illinois state case. It doesn't apply here. The statement comes in.

  • Your Honor, in light of these unexpected rulings I have to request a continuance.

  • Denied. I've got nine active duty soldiers on that jury. I will not allow you to waste their time. Now, it's 1700 hours. We'll take a short break for dinner and begin testimony at 1800 hours sharp.

  • At 6:00, Your Honor?

  • Yes, Mr. Gardner. At 6:00. Welcome to military court.