Way to English
2019/08/04 分享
  • What are you doing?

  • I cut Honey off. It's over.

  • But she's your friend.

  • You know how I get when somebody crosses the line. I can't forgive them.

  • I know. I'm reminded every day. You probably don't even remember why you cut these people off.

  • That one went off-registry. That one tried to upstage me with her hairdo. And that one married a man wealthier than you.

  • Why do you even still have this photo?

  • Because I look amazing.

  • You know, if you keep cutting people off, you're not gonna have any friends.

  • Well, I would rather have no friends than too many. You could stand to cut a few people off. One in particular.

  • Jessica.

  • You haven't seen Barry in years. He's an idiot, and you guys shared a room in New Jersey for barely two months.

  • Those were a crazy two months, though. We invented a vitamin and played tons of basketball.