Way to English
2019/08/03 分享
  • Boys! Breakfast!

  • Why you dressed like Chun-Li from "street fighter"?

  • I'm making some changes around here. From now on, no more wearing shoes in the house.

  • But I need my arch supports. I got dad's wide-ass feet.

  • We are also going to start speaking more mandarin at home.

  • But I only know the bad words.

  • Which is why I'm enrolling you in Chinese school after your regular school In Tampa.

  • But Tampa's, like, two hours away!

  • It's important we don't forget our heritage. We all have to make sacrifices. I'm even giving up "Melrose place".

  • Well, I wish I could do all this, but I gotta go work on my Jamaica project.

  • And that's another thing.

  • I want Eddie to be assigned China for world cultures day.

  • Well, we purposely didn't give China to Eddie because we thought it would be racist.

  • So you treated him differently because he's Chinese? Switch Eddie to China.

  • Absolutely.