Way to English
2019/08/01 分享
  • Wait, what are the last four numbers again?

  • 1-9-8-4. It's kind of a lucky number for me. It's the year "Footloose" came out.

  • Yeah. And I really am gonna call you for that rematch.

  • Anytime. I mean, not super late, but... Wait, you're a bulldog?

  • Yeah. You?

  • I knew there was something about you I liked.

  • You mean besides me letting you win?

  • You know, we have a big game today. You wanna watch it together? Shoot. I'm late for a showing. No pressure at all, but if you feel like it, we could watch it at my place. I could text you the address.

  • All right. Well, thanks. It was great meeting you, Phil.

  • You, too, Dave.