Way to English
2019/07/31 分享
  • Tomorrow is Rebecca Cantu's first day as CEO of Saler's. I want it to be a bad one for her.

  • Which will ruin Bobby Axelrod's fucking day too.

  • I want her to think the board is hers, then find out it's really mine.

  • We've met with three of the largest individual stakeholders and accumulated a position, but not enough to be a threat.

  • After all the shares Axe and Cantu bought up, there's not much left out there we can get without causing the price to skyrocket.

  • But there is a white whale out there Saler's biggest debtholder and you haven't put his blubber within reach.

  • You're talking about Sanford Bensinger, Mr. Giving Oath, the "American Champion".

  • I am.

  • Good. Grab your harpoon.

  • You got the meeting with Bensinger?

  • I'm taking his son, Landry, to breakfast. He'll get us the meeting.

  • Tomorrow morning?

  • Tonight. And you're coming with, Taylor.