Way to English
2019/07/30 分享
  • Whoa.

  • Problem?

  • Your counteroffer here is really, really high.

  • Yes, but after crunching the old numbies, um, there's no way we could make an acquisition work for even just a penny less than that number right there, you know, what with the patent and the IP. And you said yourself, my guys are the best. So, Keenan, as you know, the best is expensive.

  • This is more than I just took in funding from Bream-Hall, and you want all cash. I can't do that.

  • Really? Oh rats. Rats, rats, rats.

  • Weird. I wanted this to happen, but it didn't.

  • That sucks. I wanted it too, very badly. But, um you know, what they say in life, "You can't always get what you want".

  • This feeling sucks.

  • Trust me, you get used to it.