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2019/07/28 分享
  • She was supposed to talk Barker outof making the box. What the fuck happened?

  • Richard. I was on the call, okay? She tried, he said no.

  • Well, then she should fire him.

  • She can't fire him.

  • Why not? She fired me.

  • Exactly. She can't fire him because she fired you. Firing a young CEO and installing a much more experienced one looks like leadership. Firing two CEOs in a month looks like chaos. Richard, look, I'm sorry, but I think the box is here to stay. Okay? Laurie's gonna have to pretend to be in favor of it. She'll probably issue press releases talking about how it's the best application of your visionary technology.

  • Is there nothing that we can say to Laurie to change her mind?

  • If I could control Laurie, do you really think I'd be looking out my office door at that monstrosity?

  • Jeez, Monica, he's not that bad. I mean, he's a little ugly, I guess. Oh, the question mark. Sorry.