Way to English
2019/07/25 分享
  • Please tell me you have something good.

  • I'm not sure what it is. And my method for obtaining it is not exactly legitimate.

  • Illegitimate as in "I can't use it in court", or we can go to jail?

  • I downloaded firmware and cloned Patti Nyholm's phone, in order to intercept her text messages. What? You wanted something. I got you something.

  • Okay, let's hear it.

  • Apart from an alarming flirtation with a guy that mows the lawn, she's hiding Pamela.

  • Pamela. Pamela who?

  • My guess is Pamela Pomeroy, that claims manager. I think she's ready to flip.

  • She was on the stand. She didn't say a thing.

  • Yeah. "They're on to Pam. They turn Pam, we lose everything". My guess is, Pomeroy went one too many times to bat for Life State. She's ready to spill.

  • You really cloned Nyholm's cell?

  • Yeah.

  • You do that again, don't tell me.

  • No problem.

  • I should talk to her.