Way to English
2019/07/22 分享
  • Hello. Mr. Gardner, AUSA Rivers.

  • That's okay. We won't hold it against you. Suit up.

  • You phoned. You wanted your work product back.

  • Yeah, but at my office. This is a friendly County game.

  • You're thinking about taking the Dorfman case. We would advise against it.

  • Really? And what else would you advise?

  • You're having money issues. You can't afford troubles with the federal courts.

  • This is like the movies. You have to threaten me with an audit or something.

  • Oh, that's the IRS. It would be a federal crime to influence the IRS.

  • Guys, I'm being threatened over here. Can you believe it?

  • Mr. Dorfman is in trouble. He is guilty, and his assets are frozen. It would be a mistake to represent him.

  • Too late. I already am.

  • As of when?

  • As of ten seconds ago. Congratulations, Rivers. You just won Dorfman an attorney.