Way to English
2019/07/21 分享
  • I'm over here!

  • Cool bachelor pad bro.

  • I wasn't gonna stay in Westport.

  • Guys like you head to the city when their marriages fall apart for the same reason birds fly south instead of freezing their asses off. It's in the genetic code.

  • You're the first person to see the place. Other than the kids.

  • What do they think?

  • It's stocked with video games and snacks. They seem fine.

  • How about you? Did you just change out of the pajamas three minutes ago? Are you planning to come to the office anytime soon?

  • Yeah, once my assets are unfrozen.

  • Should everyone else go home, too?

  • Not if they want to stay on the payroll.

  • That's inspiring stuff. Must be what Kennedy said to his staff during the Cuban missile crisis.

  • Kennedy wasn't under as much pressure as I am.

  • I tell you, Bobby, it's times like these I wish you hadn't fired Dr. Gus.

  • Why?

  • Because this is a fuckin' disaster.