Way to English
2019/07/12 分享
  • Come in.

  • Oh. I, uh, thought I wanted to say hi to Evelyn. This was her office.

  • I don't think she works here anymore.

  • Gillian Cole. I came on board a couple of weeks ago.

  • Gillian. World well. I've heard great things. Remy Danton.

  • You work with Claire?

  • In a way.

  • Hello, Remy. I see you've met Gillian.

  • Yes, just now.

  • She's doing fantastic work for us, as you can see.

  • Red is completed wells, green, uh, potential sites, yellow approved sites, and blue are the filtration centers.

  • Nice. So you liking it here?

  • Yeah. My staff and I are loving it. Claire's opened a lot of doors for us.

  • Sounds like Claire.

  • Shall we head to my office?

  • Gillian, nice to meet you.

  • Nice to meet you.