Way to English
2019/07/02 分享
  • The Remington is here.

  • Don't confuse that hunk of bronze for a "Mission Accomplished" banner. I need to know why Foley donkey-punched us.

  • I haven't been able to find a deal we did where he got screwed.

  • You won't. He could have been nursing that grudge for a decade.

  • Look, I know why is among the more tantalizing questions, but you're usually disciplined enough not to get into it.

  • This isn't undisciplined. It's vigilant. If there is someone out there with the focus, the animus, the reach to crush me, I need to know.

  • That describes a hundred hedgies.

  • Yeah, but I see those guys coming. I can handle them. Foley's different. He has proven that he can cause great damage without leaving any clues behind.

  • Light touch. Tight grip.

  • Yeah.

  • Call Foley directly. Get me in a room with him. Then I'll know if I have an enemy.