Way to English
2019/06/30 分享
  • Do you have a second? You need to talk to Diane.

  • I think you already know I did talk to Diane.

  • I know you threatened to bar her from her office with security guards.

  • Diane is going out on her own. She's poaching clients, partners. What would you do?

  • Calm her. We need to keep her on the reservation for two more months.

  • Why?

  • I'm bringing in an independent expenditure-only committee.

  • A Super PAC?

  • Yes. One of the biggest. A hundred million dollars of unlimited corporate spending. But we need to stay whole another two months. We can't scare them with civil war.

  • And after two months?

  • We push her out. So, calm the waters. Keep Diane from leaving.