Way to English
2019/06/29 分享
  • You wanted to see me?

  • See anything you like?

  • Are you asking if I ski?

  • No. I want to know which skis you want. Or take them both.

  • Do they explode or something?

  • Yes, Allen Funt sent them over. Do you want them or not? Because they want you.

  • The skis do?

  • Roger O'Hara took it upon himself as head of the Head Ski Company to demand your handling of his account over my lunch.

  • Really?

  • Yes. You're making quite a name for yourself.

  • Why are you telling me this?

  • Relax. It's good. It's what I've always wanted. Sit back, ket the business roll in while you pass the jug with some schmoe from Lutherville, Maryland.

  • Go on, take them.

  • Yes. I suppose I will.