Way to English
2019/06/28 分享
  • What is this, some fucking family intervention?

  • You're goddamn right. Because you need it. The shit that's going on, we're worried about you, sis.

  • I got this.

  • Yeah, we knew you were gonna say that. You always just wanna handle it on your own.

  • But this isn't just about you. This is about Dean. What would he think? What would he say he'd made it through?

  • If you think I would do anything, anything to tarnish our brother's memory, Bobby and I made it a point to do the opposite. How much we've given to the fire department, the police, all the first responders?

  • I can't show my face in the neighborhood. The guys at my old house, they're talking about driving fire trucks through Bobby's office.

  • Oh, yeah? Who's talking that shit? Mikey?

  • Look, Lara, we just want to make a plan. This is Bobby's mess. He has to clean it up.

  • We will.