Way to English
2019/06/26 分享

[Narrator] My mom convinced my dad to let her give the sexual harassment seminar by Well, pretty much harassing him.

[Jessica] Welcome to the first official Cattleman's Ranch sexual harassment seminar. Okay?

To make sure we always have a pleasant work environment, flirting should be avoided at all times. Unless you're a handsome man, because who doesn't like that?

Ladies, let's discuss how to sit. Your ankles should be crossed at all times Unless your thighs make it physically impossible.

You cannot wear any shirts that expose your belly button, especially if you have an outtie. That's just gross.

Dirty jokes in the workplace not allowed. For example "A German broad with big honkers walks into a bar".

[Louis] Okay! That's uncomfortable. Thank you. Help yourselves to fig Newtons and milk and laugh about what just happened.