Way to English
2019/06/25 分享

[over the phone]

  • Of course I want you here. It is awful without you.

  • I am very good. Eddie's just making up excuses, probably to get out of CLC.

  • I will double his workload.

  • Oh, no. Got to run. I see Mitch eyeing the croutons. Love you!

  • Aw, hell, no!

[scene at the restaurant]

  • Everybody having a good time?

  • If this jukebox uses 50 kilowatts of power at 11 cents per kilowatt and a 3-minute song cos 25 cents, how much money do we lose per song?

  • 21/2 cents! Aw, man!

  • And this is why I never plug in the jukebox.

  • Boys, welcome to your new CLC classroom.

[enters Mitch, dancing and singing, stops when he sees Jessica]

  • Uh, may I get you some waters or perhaps a blooming onion?