Way to English
2019/06/23 分享
  • What are you doing?

  • The restaurant has been open almost a month, and we have been losing money every day. We have tighten up around here, or we will never turn a profit.

  • Is that why you clog half the pepper holes?

  • Oh, look at that guy, shaking away our profits like he's a pepper monster.

  • Look, if you're gonna help with the restaurant, we need to get on the same page, and my page says the key to success is to kill them with kindness. I have always...

  • Shh! Did you hear that? Mitch, did you just take a crouton from the salad bar? Are you saying I did not hear a crunch? You are trying to dissolve the crouton.

  • Uh, Mitch, why don't you go see if any of the servers need help, okay?

  • Oh, hell, no.