Way to English
2019/06/17 分享
  • So from "rules based filtering" we got to "workflow", at which point that card is moved from the "icebox" into the "in progress" column and it stays there until it is ready for "testing". This increases visibility into our team's progress. And that, gentlemen, is scrum. Welcome to the next eight weeks of our lives.

  • This just became a job.

  • OK, so here are the cards I'm adding under this epic for the ingestion engine. And there are three stories here. How long do we think each one will take?

  • I don't know. Who cares? Four hours apiece?

  • Yeah. Maybe for you. Each of those tasks would take me three max.

  • Not "tasks," "stories".

  • I've got a story, why don't you choke on my balls?

  • Well, how about this? Why don't you each take one story right, and we'll see who's right?

  • You see what he's doing, right? He's trying to get us to compete so we work faster. He thinks this wall of Psych 101, MBA mind-control bullshit is going to motivate us.

  • Fine. Don't compete. Do them at whatever speed you like.