Way to English
2019/06/13 分享
  • Right, so we're all settled then.

  • Yep.

  • Do you need parking validation?

  • No, I used Lyft. So I'll Lyft it back.

  • Why don't I have Peter's car take you home.

  • He's not using it, we're shipping off to Arallon tomorrow.

  • Arallon?

  • Yeah, the island Peter's building.

  • What's the... the red line?

  • That's the International Date Line. The island's built right on it so the western half can celebrate the first new years on Earth, then the next day, they walk over to the eastern half and celebrate the last new years on Earth.

  • But if you can walk, why does he need the car on the island?

  • Peter's not really big on walking. So I'll just have the guys pull it up front for you.

  • Great.