Way to English
2019/06/12 分享
  • Shit. I swear I deleted a picture, but when I clicked back to the album, the icon reappeared. It undeleted itself. But I can't get it to happen again, so...

  • Richard, totally out of blue, do you know how we might be able to find that bug?

  • No, Dinesh. We are releasing the beta. We integrated the neural net a week ago. The platform is full of bugs.

  • But that is what a beta is for. You give it to people in the real world, they use it, and that is how we find the bugs.

  • Richard, Reid Hoffman says if you're not mortally embarrassed by the quality of your initial release, you've released too late.

  • Okay. We already are mortally embarrassed. Okay? We move in and subsequently out of our offices, mainly because it was too expensive, we fired two CEOs, we've pivoted to a box, and then pivoted back. Any more bad word of mouth and we will be royally fucked.