Way to English
2019/06/10 分享
  • Hey, what’s going on?

  • Perfect timing. Eduardo’s here and he’s going to have the key ingredient.

  • Mark.

  • Wardo.

  • You and Erica split up?

  • How did you know that?

  • It’s on your blog.

  • Yeah.

  • Are you alright?

  • I need you.

  • I’m here for you.

  • No, I need the algorithm you use to rank chess players.

  • Are you okay?

  • We’re ranking girls.

  • You mean other students?

  • Yeah.

  • You think this is such a good idea?

  • I need the algorithm. I need the algorithm.

  • Give each girl a base rating of 1400. At any given time “Girl A” has a rating R-a and “Girl B” has a rating R-b.

  • When any two girls are matched up there’s an expectation of which will win based on their current rating, right?

  • Yes. And those expectations are expressed this way.

  • Let’s write it.