Way to English
2019/06/05 分享
  • You are all still here for a reason. Eighty percent of this floor was just sent home forever. We have spent the last hour saying our good-byes. They were good people and they were good at their jobs. But you were better.

  • Now they are gone. They are not to be thought of again. This is your opportunity. On every floor of this building and in every office from Hong Kong to London the same thing is happening. By the time we are done, 3 of every seven guys who were standing between you and your boss's job are gone.

  • That is your opportunity.

  • I've been with this place for thirty-four years and I can tell you that this is not the last time you're gonna go through this. But you all are survivors...

  • And that is how this firm over 107 years has continued to grow stronger. So keep your heads high, get back to work. Let's hear it.